Characterisation and narrative structure in kate grenvilles the secret river

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Artemis Fowl II

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Writing Englishness 1900 - 1950: An Introductory Sourcebook on National Identity

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Structure of The Secret River. Grenville adopts a traditional realist structure and framework of the narrative which is strictly chronological.

The novel is broadly divided into three main sections: those that deal with the characters’ experiences in London, Sydney and Thornhill’s Point.

The text that I will be analysing is Kate Grenville’s novel The Secret River. This novel adopts characterisation and narrative structure to convey notions about the colonisation of Australia in the early eighteen hundreds.

Beginning with narrative structure, this novel is structured in chro.

Writing Englishness 1900 - 1950: An Introductory Sourcebook on National Identity

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Artemis Fowl II

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Characterisation and narrative structure in kate grenvilles the secret river
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