Anaesthetic practice appendectomy at second trimester of pregnancy nursing essay

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Anaesthesia for non-obstetric surgery during pregnancy

Unless date, no anaesthetic drug has been asked to be easily dangerous to the human foetus. Distribution of Surgery according to trimester: 1st Trimester - 42% 2nd Trimester - 35% 3rd Trimester - 23% Mazze RI, Ka¨ lle´n B.

Reproductive outcome after anesthesia and operation during pregnancy: a registry study of cases. SCOPE OF ANAESTHETIC INVOLVEMENT 1 to 2% of obstetric patients need non-obstetric surgery – ovarian cysts, appendicitis, cholecystitis, trauma Complications of pregnancy requiring surgery and anaesthesia Clinical challenges – advanced maternal age, obesity, Second trimester.

This is a reflective essay based on my personal experience as a student anaesthetic practitioner which happened during in one of my clinical placements in an acute hospital.

This is a case of a 42 year old at her 24 weeks gestational pregnancy who underwent an emergency appendicectomy under a general anaesthesia with difficult intubation.

Non-Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy

appendicitis is often a presumptive one and complicated in pregnancy by the displacement of the appendix upward and laterally as the gravid uterus expands (Chestnut, ).

This young woman’s medical history was unremarkable. Up to 2% of pregnant women undergo surgery for non-obstetric conditions each year. 2 The most common indications are acute appendicitis, cholecystitis, trauma, and surgery for maternal malignancies. The main risks of surgery during pregnancy are fetal loss, premature labour, and delivery, which can result from both the disease process itself and the intervention.

Mitral stenosis in pregnant patients

For Permissions, please email: [email protected] Anaesthetic considerations for non-obstetric surgery BJA brief apnoea.5 Maternal obesity, pre-eclampsia, or both can accentuate the risk of hypoxaemia associated with induction Table 1 Drugs associated with teratogenicity of and emergence from general anaesthesia.

Anaesthetic practice appendectomy at second trimester of pregnancy nursing essay
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Anaesthesia for non-obstetric surgery during pregnancy